Cron Job

A cron task is a task that is carried out at a specific time. To work effectively your system needs to be set up to execute these tasks periodically. The cron task may be set per package or it may be set to the central system which will in turn run the schedule for the sub-packages. Any job scheduler can be used, we are using Cron job in this article as it is one of the popular ones.

To know your Cron Job URL go to follwing path in the system

Among the tasks assigned to the Cron are:

  • Clean up old cache, files and logs
  • Sending “bulk” messages
  • Running routine events

Cron task is a service provided by a web server. Your cPanel cron task should look like this

wget "" >/dev/null 2>&1

You can look in your systems cron manager (Cron Module Settings) for the exact path and the recommended frequency.

The timing and frequency may vary according to the load your system is able to handle but the general recommendations are:

Package Frequency
SIM Every 60 Minutes
PAM Every 30 Minutes
ORS Every 15 Minutes
FMS Every 15 Minutes
AMS Every 15 Minutes
MMS Every 10 Minutes
Single System Every 10 Minutes

You should configure the following setting as well

Package Module Setting Name Setting Description
All Mail Handler max Maximum number of email per cron run, greater frequency = greater number
All Mail Handler delay How many minutes to keep emails in the queue before sending them out
All Cron Handler host prevent double running of task and burdening the system by ensuring the task is only run from your main website
All Cron Handler disable prevents the system from accepting CRON TASK request
All Cron Handler hour hour of the day to run daily tasks
All Cron Handler day Day of the month to run monthly tasks
All Cron Handler weekday Day of the week to run weekly task
ORS Delinquency Handler delinquency-* handles delinquency report

Details on Settings


Prevent double running of task and burdening the system by ensuring the task is only run from your main website. This is applicable if you have more than one website used to access the SMP. For example and you should set only one of them to handle the cron task.

cron-hour cron-day cron-weekday

You should choose times when your system is likely to be under the least pressure.