The information below refers to version 15.1 rc12 (released February 14, 2015)

The Elixom School Management Package (eSMP) is a collection of management systems which includes

    • Recording of grade, behaviour trends and student performance by teachers
    • Staff can enter and view information on students (personal data, disciplinary track, guardian contact)
    • Recording of administrative details, soft copy of files and incident management
    • Grade deadline and lock with reminders and automated delinquency reports
    • Generate progress reports and over 100 built in reports/print-outs
    • Several optional module to add general functionality
      • Mark attendance registers
      • Process CXC entries
      • Manage fees
        • Bursary and financial staff can modify tuition and fee payment records
        • With extensions parents can get automated reminders about due fees
        • Generate detailed and summary report on payments
    • Parents can view report on his/her child
    • Multiple parents/guardians per child
    • Parents can send a message to teacher and school administrators without knowing their email or personal details.
    • Facilitates a single level administrative role (EXECUTIVE) which can allow PTA executive members or designated non-staff members to add/edit parent information and provide technical support.
    • View all reports past and present
    • View all children/wards past and present
    • Students can view their reports
    • Student manage their user credentials and contact information
    • Students can send messages to teachers and school administrators without knowing their email or personal details.
    • View all report past and present
    • Can be integrated with moodle learning environment
    • Sending of email and SMS text messages (with extensions)
    • Creating named messaging groups
    • Messages to staff, students and parent
    • requires the ORS
    • works with the PAM, SIM

All systems are:

  • Fully mobile ready
  • HTML standard compliant

The system is able to integrate with

Additional Modules (extensions) can be developed to integrate with existing system and can be developed for any web-based system with a ReST API.

  • On-line
    • Help and Documentation
    • Email and scheduled live chat
  • On site
  • Via telephone

We provide the expertise to train a complete staff for your institution

  • We train your System Administrator
  • We train your Technical Support Staff
  • We train your general staff
  • We train a parent facilitator and provide tutorials on-line for self-education
  • We train a student facilitator and provide tutorials on-line for self-education

We will also work with your institution through the entire set-up phase to manage the change and facilitate the smooth transition.

We provide initial customization of the system to suit your organization and provide a pre-integration analysis.