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Type the username that was given to you. Type the password that was given to you. Click Log in or Sign In.

This is a word that identifies you. This is usually your full name (with no space). Example: johnbrown, john.black, jainbrown-black, admin1

The only non-letter, non-number characters allowed in the username are dots (.), the at sign ( @ ) and hyphens (-).

Your username is not case sensitive, therefore “apple” and “Apple” are considered the same.

In most cases your username can also be an email address.

This is a sequence of letters, numbers and other characters that protect your account from unauthorized use. Your password is case sensitive, therefore “apple” and “Apple” a considered different. A good password should:

  • contain at least 3 letters
  • contain a number
  • contain a special character such as the # $ & +
  • contain at least 1 capital/upper case letter
  • not be a word found in the dictionary
  • not be your name
  • not be your username

Consider using a short phrase that you will remember as your password.

Do not give your password to anyone. Your school's technical support team will be able to assist you without your password.