User Role

A role is a group level assignment of a label and a set of privileges to a user. A user can be assigned to only one role.

A role may or may not have access privileges associated with it. For example you may create a role of Dean of Students, this role may have ADD STUDENTS, ADD DISCIPLINARY and EDIT RECORD privileges assigned to it. On the other hand you may create the role of Chaplain with no access privileges.

You should also read the staff categories page.

Innate Role

The following are the built in system roles:

  • System Administrator
  • Super User
  • Technical Support
  • Principal
  • Administrative User

Each of the innate roles has a core set of privileges which cannot be changed. Users must be explicitly assigned to these roles and cannot derive these roles.

Unlimited access to the entire system.

This group give user an almost unrestricted access to the system, allowing them to access most features to assist other users with technical problems.

This user is a fail safe user. The only privilege of this account is that it can log in regardless of system restrictions.

This user has access to all non techincal areas of the system.

Users in this can group can manage (create, edit, delete) students, parent and staff. They also have access to all records.

Defined Role

You can create roles assign privileges to the role and then assign users to the role.

A role can be listable, in which case it is All roles are listed in the Management Section of the student portal messaging option.